When Plans Change, Part 3 (A White Chevy Pick-up Truck)

“Here I am sending an angel ahead of you to keep you on the road and to bring you into the place that I have prepared.”  Exodus 23:20 (NWT) 


I believe God sends Angels to minister to us when we need it the most. This happened on the way to Larry’s neurosurgeon appointment. Traveling down Hwy 26, a large cardboard box blew into the path of my car. I could not stop; I drove over it. The box got lodged underneath the car. I kept driving looking for a safe place to pull over. Thinking, now I must crawl under the car to dislodge this box. Larry cannot do it; he is not supposed to bend down. As I pulled over to the shoulder, I noticed a white Chevy Pick-up truck in my rear-view mirror. He pulled up beside us and parked. The driver asked, “Do y’all want me to pull that box from underneath your car?” We said in unison, “Yes, thank you so much.”   I got out of the car and watched as this kind stranger’s body disappeared underneath the car and pushed out the box. He slid out, looked up and said, “there it is!” While we were still thanking him, he hopped back into his truck and sped off. Quickly, he was out of sight. 

 As he sped off, I looked at Larry with tears in my eyes and asked, “can you believe what just happened? That was the nicest gesture. That had to be an Angel sent from God, to let us know everything will be all right today.” Larry agreed. God knew we both needed a “God whisper” to ease our minds about the appointment. A box coming out of nowhere. Immediately, an Angel in a white Chevy Pick-up truck coming to our aide. God knew exactly how to give us hope before an uncertain appointment by presenting us with an uncomfortable situation. Then, immediately giving us the help, we needed. Assistance and peace. I believed He would do the same with our appointment.  

He did. 

 The same neurosurgeon who suggested surgery last year, said, “no surgery.” Instead, he recommended gait and balance training, additional tests to check for vitamin B deficiencies and a four-month follow-up appointment. 

We left the office with hope and a plan. We are aware of the difficulties ahead. Uncertainty remains until we find out what is happening with Larry’s body. But we know what he does not need. And, that white Chevy Pick-up truck has shown us we do not have to stay in worry mode about what will happen. God demonstrated this morning He is with us. In two nerve-wracking situations, He gave us quick relief. Moving forward, we must remember what happened today. 

God, thank you for the peace, blessings and the God whispers. We have hope. Right now, that is enough for us. 


 God, thank you for guiding us through nerve wracking situations. Help us remember your angel in the White Chevy Pick-up truck. Keep our mind stayed on You and your promises of love, guidance, and support. We are at peace now. But, God, we know fear and uncertainty may come again. If fears return, continue to send us angels to lighten our load.  Thank you for the peace, hope and joy we feel knowing you are taking care of everything.  Amen, Amen, Amen!




  • Donna Bonnell

    Hi Mary,

    God whispers are so comforting and powerful. Not everyone can recognize or hear them. As a friend, I am so grateful that you feel and embrace those messages.

    Just remember, you are human and it is okay to feel disappointed. Knowing that angels will provide support at the most unexpected times will give you the strength to live life one day at a time.

    Thank you, God, for being there for Mary!

    I love you my friend!

    • Mary Chever-Watson

      Hello Donna, your words are so comforting as they affirm what I believe; but, also what I needed to hear at the moment. Namely, living life one day at a time. I receive your prayer and thank you for always supporting me. Love you too, my dear friend!!

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