When Plans Change, Part 1

“People can make all kinds of plans, but only the Lord’s plan will happen.” (Proverbs 19:21 NCV) 

Finally, after two years, we were heading to Nova Scotia again to visit family and friends. My heart welled with excitement. I pictured myself sitting on the deck of our rented cottage looking at the Bay of Fundy; playing Monday night bingo with my niece Kris, her partner, Susan, my sister, Arie; sitting outside fellowshipping with our friends, Joe and Lucie. After the isolation of Covid-19, after working through my husband’s diagnosis; it was liberating to think about three glorious weeks with friends, family, and the magnificent Bay of Fundy. I was confident this trip was in God’s plan for us. Two scheduled appointments were easily rescheduled to earlier dates. Thanks to our friends, the cottage stay was easily arranged. God had prospered us so graciously that the cost of being away for a month was not a problem. Arrangements for our daughter, Angel, to meet us there for five days was discussed.  Arrangements were finalized Monday, August 9, 2021; we planned to leave Wednesday,  September 15, 2021.

Then, Wednesday, August 11, 2021:

 “Mary, I’m losing my stability. It is difficult for me to walk to the mailbox and back. My legs don’t want to move.” These words came floating past my ears. I wasn’t sure of what I was hearing. With mouth open and eyes staring, I got up, followed the words to my husband, Larry, sitting on the front porch. “Larry, did you say you have trouble walking to our mailbox?”  He nods, “yes.” Our mailbox is about 50 feet away. I breathe in deeply, look at him. I see a pained look, easing from his mouth, settling into his eyes. This is serious. I reach over, touch his hand, we exchange glances. Then, I get my phone and call his neurosurgeon to set up an appointment. When I explain the problem to the nurse, she says Larry has an MRI scheduled for the following Monday; five days away. This was a miracle. We knew nothing of the appointment; we had not received an email nor letter regarding the upcoming appointment. I saw this as a God whisper. God letting us know He knew about Larry’s difficulty before it happened. He had already made provisions. Under normal circumstances, it  takes a month or more to schedule an MRI. I thank the nurse profusely, hang up, look at Larry and say, “Everything is going to be all right. God just showed us He is in this situation.” Larry nods in agreement.  His MRI was Monday, August 16th. 

Even in the blessing of a God whisper; disappointment and fear creep in.

Join me for “When Plans Change, Part 2, to read what happens next.

God, thank You for all the God whispers that tell me you are in every situation. Guard my heart, give me peace of mind.  Show me how to look at all things from Your point of view.  Let me always see the sliver of good in disappointing, scary situations. In the name of Jesus!!! Amen, Amen, Amen! 




  • Alice Chever -Pickett

    Mary, I’m so thankful that you are continuing to post your blogs. They have, and continue to be ‘a beacon of light in the darkness…food for my soul and an ever present inspiration for me, and many others. I absolutely love “God whispers “, to let us know that he is in the midst of every single situation. My beautiful sister, God has truly given you a wonderful gift and I continue to hunger for more! When Plans Change part 1, left me anxiously awaiting for Part 2. Mary, I’m putting in the universe that all goes well with my brother -in-law, and I’m visualizing him “running to the mailbox real soon! God’s blessings are shining on you. Love you both, like “cooked food “. Many Blessings & always Much Love!

    • Mary Chever-Watson

      Alice, thank you so much for your kind words. They encourage me to keep on doing what I love. Like I’ve said before, I write every day although I haven’t posted for a while. Your beautiful words, coupled with comments I’ve received from other readers are gifts which inspire me to post more often. Thank you again, my beautiful sister. I receive your blessings. You are indeed a gift. Love you much!!

  • Precious Colclough

    Good Morning Mary, thank you so, so much for letting me know that you posted another blog. Life has many unexpected challenges & I love how in the midst of all the challenges you’ve encountered, you allow yourself to always see God helping you through. I believe that when we can still keep our confidence & trust in Jesus inspite of, there will always be a light which beams through giving us a ray of hope as well as God’s unexplainable peace & joy. Your transparency gives hope & sheds light unto more people than you can imagine. Like Alice said, what a gift you have of writing & it is definitely a way I believe God uses you to share his love with others. I’m praying for restoration of good health to my dear uncle & an abundance of blessings, good health & peace to you!
    Love you!

    • Mary Chever-Watson

      Precious, thanks so much for your kind words. You are such a blessing as your words also inspire and uplift me. I receive your blessings for Larry and also for myself. May God richly bless you also. My niece, Love you much!!

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