Update: Prayers of Healing for my brother, Gum

“A good person gives life to others; the wise person teaches others how to live.” Proverbs 11:30 (NCV)


Talking to Billy yesterday gave me a renewed appreciation for life and helped me put things in perspective.  First, I must share he was in good spirits.  He confirmed his surgery went well. Then, he went on to share his thoughts about his surgery and about life. He said, during surgery, they removed a toe from his left foot and a toe from his right foot.  He candidly said, he was hoping it would only be the toe from his left foot so he could continue to drive, but it didn’t go that way.  As I heard these words, my entire being exploded with love for him.  Billy didn’t say these words with any hint of anger nor self-pity.  It was an “it is what it is” moment. He said, “Mary, we just deal with the hand we are dealt.” And, “deal with,” he has… with strength, honor, power, hope, compassion.  Now, get this.  Throughout his conversation, I sensed from him a deep-seated gratitude for life, for his wife…a thankfulness and a feeling that things could always be worse.

Billy continued the conversation by saying he has always had to be honest with himself about his situation.  And, with this honesty comes a choice.   We talked about different scenarios but at the end of the conversation, these are the precious “I” gems that Billy chooses to live by:  I choose to be happy.  I choose to be positive.  I choose to leave the pain where it began and live in the present.  And, if the present is a bit painful or not too pleasant, I choose to have hope that things will get better.  I have faith in a Higher Power accepting that “it is, what it is…” And, that’s okay.

I learn something from Billy every time we talk.  But, yesterday, was an eye-opener.  If my brother, a dialysis patient, can have emergency surgery, be hospitalized, isolated from his wife, family and friends and still have gratitude for what is…. God, I want this type of strength.   Billy is the epitome of relentless faith during adversity.


Please join me and continue to pray for Billy and Cheryl.  Then, let’s expand our prayers to cover all people hurting now.  Ask God to strengthen, heal, support all of us as we aim to thrive, not just survive, during these challenging times.


Dear God, I pray for continued blessings, healings and strength for all of us.  For I believe everyone needs peace, strength, healing right now.  All our situations are important and matter to You.   I know You hold us in the palm of Your powerful hands.  Show us how to always make the right choices that honor You.  When we honor You, we are blessed in the process.  Thank You Father! Amen!!


“I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” Philippians 4:11 (NIV)


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