Prayers of Healing for my brother, Gum

“Is there anything too hard for the Lord? No!” (Genesis 18:14) “


Today, I was reminded that there are people with health issues not related to the Coronavirus.  My brother, William Chever, Jr. aka Billy, aka, Gum, called me this morning.  I have to say that my brother is the most beautiful soul I know.  He started the conversation with such a light note it gave me a gut-wrenching belly laugh.  His words are always so life affirming, joyful and positive that they fill up all my thirsty gaps.  Well, after placing such a warm feeling in my heart, he told me he was in the hospital. 

He had gone to the doctor, was sent to Bayfront Medical Center’s Emergency room and is now scheduled for foot surgery at 3:00 pm. Billy ended our conversation with “it is what is.” A simple statement that goes so deep; much deeper than four words.

For those of you reading this now, please send out prayers for Billy, Cheryl, his wife, the doctors and the medical staff tending to him.  My prayer is that the beautiful aroma of thousands of prayers serenades our God at exactly 3:00 pm.


Dear God, thank You that You are guiding the hands of the doctors and all the medical staff as they take care of my dear brother.  I know that You hold him in the palm of Your hands, and I know that everything will be alright.  Thank You Father!! Amen!!





  • Donna Bonnell

    Prayers are sent surrounding Gum with love, light and healing. Mary, I am praying for you too! Keep us updated on his recovery.

  • Alice Chever-Pickett

    Mary, thank you so very much! I found out Bill was in the hospital when I arrived at work yesterday. I immediately called his room, then his cell phone. The calmness in Bill’s voice, as he told me about his foot surgery at 3 pm was re-assuring and I knew at that moment that “all was well”. As you said Mary, Bill is the most beautiful soul I know, & we are truly blessed to have him as our brother. I thank my supervisor Robin, for sending up prayers and understanding. I thank Dr. Murphy, who is an excellent surgeon and was in contact with Cheryl right after the surgery to let her know it went well. I also thank the excellent nurses, therapist and everyone on the team, that made Bill’s surgery a success. I thank the recovery room nurse, who gave Bill a phone & he called me to let me know the surgery went well. A wise doctor, Dr Trager, who reminds me of our GrandpaChever said to me last week, this prayer: ” I have Love in Your wisdom, I have faith in Your Love and I have Hope in Your Power”. I repeated this prayer over and over, during and after Bill’s surgery. God is indeed good all the time. Many Blessings & always Much Love!

    • Mary Chever-Watson

      Alice, thank you so much for sending out gratitude to all those who made and continue to make Billy’s hospital stay such a blessing. And, thank Dr. Trager for those powerful words; I, too, will start using them throughout the day. Love you, Alice.

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