Nehemiah Challenge, Part 2

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.”

Proverbs 16:3 (NIV)


I started my Nehemiah Challenge last week and quickly discovered without a plan, I could not get much accomplished. Nehemiah had a plan to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. I realized, to be successful with my decluttering, I, too, needed a plan.

First, I checked out the areas I wanted to tackle; bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, front porch, back porch, laundry room and pantry. Then, I got my calendar and counted out fifty-two (52) days from the day I started. I started, October 26, 2020, fifty-two (52) days later is December 16, 2020, my ending day.

Next, I wanted to see how much time I could spend on each room to complete all twelve (12) areas. First, I eliminated all the Sundays from my fifty-two (52) day count.  I did not want to spend Sundays decluttering.  I want to spend Sundays, listening to online church service, enjoying a delicious family meal and binge watching Hallmark Christmas movies. There are seven (7) Sundays during this fifty-two (52) day challenge, so I subtracted those seven (7) days from the fifty-two (52) day count; leaving me forty-five (45) days to actually work. Then, I divided forty-five (45) days by the twelve (12) areas I wanted to declutter; giving me approximately three (3) days each for twelve (12) areas.  Spending three (3) days on each area works well for me; I can always adjust if necessary.  I have nine (9)  days remaining to cover anything I missed or had to stop due to appointments and life (stuff always happens once you have a plan).

Also, I treat my decluttering like a job.  I work from 11am – 4pm.  I add music, my diffuser filled with energizing essential oils such as orange, lemon, rosemary, peppermint. This seems to reduce the stress I feel when I am trying to figure out what to do with all the stuff.  My stress comes from getting rid of stuff I am attached to even when it no longer makes sense to hold on to it.  I pray about this.  Stopping at 4:00pm gives me time to relax and then fix dinner.

That is it.  I hope this helps anyone joining me on this Challenge. I realize many people have to work and do not have this much time to invest in decluttering.  Try to start with any time you can steal; even if it’s five (5) minutes.  For me, the most important actions were starting, planning and starting again.

 If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  This is definitely a work in progress.


Dear Lord, give me  focus, motivation, and energy to get this decluttering done one area at a time.  I know divine order is in your plan; chaos is not.  Give me the strength to get rid of things that no longer serve me nor my family. God, I need Your power, determination, and perseverance to get me through this process. Thank you, Father.  Amen, Amen, Amen!



  • Donna Bonnell

    From my perspective, and maybe yours too, I was raised when things were not disposable. Items were repaired and reused. If you didn’t need it anymore, you gave it to a family member, neighbor or friend. I could list so many examples, but my guess is that you can too.

    This mindset has led me to not wanting to waste or throw things out that still have use. I’m okay with getting rid of stuff, if it goes to a new home. The problem is most folks would rather have something new. That is my struggle.

    I know you will meet your challenge. Keep us all posted on your progress.

    I love you!

    • Mary Chever-Watson

      Donna, you are so right. I was raised the same way; we repaired, reused and passed on. However, I have taken this to a whole new level. These are items that others can use; but, I am holding on for sentimental reasons. However, by the grace of God, I am learning to love, bless and release things. I have to admit it’s a struggle, but I am rising to the challenge. Thank you so much for sharing, Donna. You are very special. Love you, too!!

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