My True Time saver

I had a lot to do today; I wanted to finish cleaning the vacant rental property so I could call for an inspection.  So, I jumped into doing stuff before I took time to follow my usual routine of prayer, Bible readings, incense, harp music, hot tea and sitting. And, you know what happened?  Nothing!  I didn’t accomplish one thing.  All I did was spin emotional wheels.  I felt uneasy and out of sorts.  My mind was all over the place.  It felt like pure chaos.  Then, it dawned on me; something was missing. So, I started self-talk (right now this sounds better than talking to myself.) “Just stop,” I whispered.  “Go back home and start all over again.”  So, I put my pride in my pocket and told the friend who was helping me I had to go home, sit on the front porch and breathe.  She just smiled and said, “Okay.”  Thank God for an understanding, accepting friend willing to continue working while I went home to regroup.  And, regroup is what I did.

I came back home, grabbed my Bible, my devotional and sat on the front porch in a comfortable chair, just breathing in and out, looking at the trees, listening to the sounds, until I felt calm.  Then, I opened my devotional and the scripture for the day started out: “A heart at peace gives life to the body… (Proverbs 14:30, NIV).  Lord, Lord, Lord! Doesn’t God meet us where and when we need Him the most? I relaxed, thanked God, sat for about five more minutes and was then ready to restart my day. And, you know what happened?  With the help of my friend, we were able to get everything completed.  The property is now ready to be listed.  Plus, a bonus was we don’t need the inspection after all.  The information we needed was uncovered during the cleaning.

So, today I was reminded again of the importance for me to put God first in all things.  Life is just more peaceful and fulfilling when I do.


God, help me remember that I can do little without You, but I can accomplish wonderful things with You.  Help me remember that I don’t have to waste time spinning wheels when I can save  time by coming to you first.  Thank You.  Amen, Amen, Amen




  • Jean turner

    Thank you Mrs. Mary for being my friend. I enjoy every time that we work it makes it more enjoyable and not like work at all. There are very few people I feel comfortable around and you are one of those people. Glad to have met you! God bless you and your family! !!!!!!!!! Your friend

    • Donna Bonnell

      Mary, I, too, have learned to listen to that little voice inside my head. Regardless of whether it is self-talk, intuition, God or all three, it is worth taking a pause and paying attention. ❤️🙏🏼

  • Mary Chever-Watson

    Jean, thank you so much for your kind words. You bring so much to our friendship and for that I am truly grateful.

  • Lola McNeal

    Mary, This it is a lesson for us all. Peace comes when we can let go of what we think or feel and allow Gods perfect plan to take full control.

    Love you my sister, Lola

  • Fred Noble

    Great website sis it inspires me to read how God works in our lives very good to know we are on the same page listening to that quiet voice and once you be able to hear it everything’s going to be alright . He wants to talk to us Jesus is a friend indeed LOL butter and Vera

    • Helen Figgs

      This is awesome. I’m really proud of you. Our speaker at church had the same message. Leaving God out of our routine means nothing gets done. Keep it going.

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