“My Nehemiah Challenge”

“So, on October 2* the wall was finished – just fifty-two days after we begun…. They realized this work had been done with the help of our God” Nehemiah 6:15…16(NLT)

The longer I put off doing what I know I should do; the deeper I dig myself into a hole.  I sort of get paralyzed and move farther  away from necessary chores.  Before I know it, days turn to weeks, to months, to years. But, lately with all the deaths and the lingering quarantine, I am reminded this precious life is not a dress rehearsal. I need to stop procrastinating and light a fire under my “you know what.” If not a fire, at least fan a little smoke to get me moving.  So, He did. As I opened my Bible, I was moved to read Nehemiah again and this time found new inspiration in the words. Nehemiah rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem in fifty-two days, when it should have taken him years.  But, according to Nehemiah, he succeeded because the gracious hand of God was upon him (Nehemiah 2:18).  So, I thought if the gracious hand of God was upon Nehemiah, then I am going to ask God to put His gracious hand upon me and help me get major decluttering done. My tasks seem as big as building a huge wall. I completed a decluttering effort in 2018.  But, that time I was kind of scared to throw away stuff I thought I might need. Now, two years later, I have not used the stuff I was scared to throw away.  So, my goal this time is to get rid of anything I have not used in years.  Room by room.

 I started today, October 26, 2020. I cleaned out one drawer in the kitchen. Sounds small; but, it gave me a big sense of accomplishment. It felt so good, I am looking forward to tackling drawer number two tomorrow. Again, a small start, but I am claiming God’s gracious hand is upon me, giving me the strength to complete it all. Twelve areas.

My challenge ends, December 16th.  This gives me a chance to put a dent in the decluttering before Thanksgiving with the big reveal before Christmas.  As time goes on, I will share specifics, as to how I am stepping up my game plan. But now, I am taking baby steps.  Just excited I finally got that kitchen drawer organized and threw out all those plastic spoons, forks, soy sauce and duck sauce packets from Chinese takeout we never use.  Thinking back, maybe I was scared to throw them away, too.

So, why not join me?  I am calling this my “Nehemiah Challenge.” Just pull out your calendar, circle a date you want to begin and then count out 52 days to see when it ends. Then, let me know how you are doing via Facebook or my email: marycheverwatson@gmail.com. Together we can aim for less clutter, more peace.

Dear God, give me clarity, motivation, and strength to discard things that no longer serve my family. I am ready to fully experience the freedom that comes with less. Thank You Father, Amen, Amen, Amen!



  • Bettye Morrow

    Enjoy reading your post Mary. Since the pandemic, being inside a lot, I started what I call a “Family Photo Giveaway”.

    I have always loved taking photos of family members & friends while traveling or special occasions. Over the years, I have accumulated so many boxes of pictures. I decided to give my son, nieces & nephews some good memories that they can share with their kids.

    My son received his box a month ago. His wife & kids were surprised & excited to see baby pictures, sporting events, older family members, etc. Now they are asking me to send more photos.

    What a good conversation piece for families & friends.

    Keep writing Mary, the talent is definitely there.
    Prayers & blessings. Bettye M

    • Mary Chever-Watson

      Bettye, what a fantastic idea. Something I would like to do when I tackle the spare bedroom. Thanks so much for sharing and I truly appreciate your kind words. Prayers and blessings to you also!!

  • Donna Bonnell

    Yeah Mary!!! Glad to see you back on your blog! I love you and have missed you! Baby steps and one day at a time is perfect, ❤️

  • Precious Colclough

    Hi Mary, thank you so much for this blog! I too have been decluttering, some days I’m going strong & other days I don’t even want to think about it. This blog has put excitement & laughter in my heart & now I’m ready to complete what I’ve started. After I finish this Accounting class, my goal is to rid myself of all the stacks of study papers I’ve rewritten so many times from 4 different Accounting classes, ( I think one copy will be sufficient enough now that I’ve passed my classes-Lol)! I appreciate your prayer, asking God for clarity, motivation & strength to let go of those things that I nor my family use or need. I’m a strong believer that there is a season for everything & once the season is over, it’s time to release & move on! One of my sayings are, your attitude determines your altitude. You just helped me get my attitude back to where it needs to be, Lol!
    Love you very much my dear auntie & am grateful for your words of encouragement, transparentcy & definitely your prayers!

    • Mary Chever-Watson

      Thank you Precious, we are in this together. I know we can do this with the help of God. Love you, too!

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