Listen to Your Inner Voice

“…. If only you would listen to His voice today.” Psalm 95:7 (NLT)

I fell several days ago. I was walking my usual route. I flipped over a small, jagged piece of plywood.  It was a hard, rolling somersault-like fall.  I flipped, sending my glasses flying off my face and my walking stick jabbing me under my arm.  As I rolled over to get up, I was more concerned with looking around to see if anyone saw me than I was with if I was hurt or not.  The truth is my pride was more hurt than my body.  Other than having dust all over my clothes and my face, I was alright.  I did feel a slight pain on my arm and on my head; thank God it was a dirt road and not paved.  I continued my route, determined to finish my walk. I felt for my cellphone to make sure I had it just in case I had to call Larry to rescue me on my way back home.  Thank God, I was fine and finished my walk with minor discomfort.

Later,  I thought about the incident.  First, I was grateful, because it could have been a lot worse.  I could have gotten hurt badly by the fall.  Thank God I didn’t.  Then, I also realized the entire incident could have been avoided if I had just listened to that inner voice that told me a week ago to move the piece of wood from the road. Did I listen? No! Each time, I would walk around it or step over it; but never took time to simply bend over and move it.  This time as I attempted to step over it, my foot  caught the underside of the board and I flipped.

This incident made me reflect upon how many other times have I caused myself or others injury because I didn’t listen to that still small voice?  How many times could I have avoided pain, grief, delays, hardships, disappointments, financial distress if I had only heeded that voice.

So, today I can’t say I’m thankful that I fell.  But, I can say I’m thankful that the fall caused me to remember the importance of listening to  and then following that inner voice that says, “do that,” “don’t do that,” “wait,” “ listen,” “do it now; not later,” “ask first,” “stop.”


 Thank You God. I truly believe You give us a blueprint for our lives.  Many times, all we need to do is listen to Your voice, ask for discernment if we don’t understand and then follow Your advice.  God, help me  to always remember this and then follow through. Amen.


  • Donna Bonnell

    Oh Mary,

    You are right on point! That seemingly small whisper tries to warn us of what is to come. That has happened to me more times than I would like to remember or admit.

    I am grateful you are okay and for the reminder to slow down and simply listen.

    Love you bunches.


    • Mary Chever-Watson

      Donna, thank you so much. Believe me, listening to that still, small inner voice is a work in progress. I continue to remind myself daily; “slow down and listen” has become my mantra!!

      Love you, too

    • Precious Colclough

      Good Morning my Beautiful Auntie, I’m so grateful that God’s angels are always encamped around us! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful testimony as well as the scripture, what a reminder of how God is always speaking to us, to guide, preserve, provide as well as protect us. And even when we don’t listen, his love & grace is so wonderful that he still is there for us. I have a phrase on my refrigerator: Pray ( Proverbs 3;5-7), Look ( Matthew 13:16), Listen (Mark 4:9-NLT), & Learn (Matthew 11:29). After reading your blog, I’m going to add to this phrase, Listen to the inner voice within you! There a many voices that we hear during the course of the day but it’s that inner voice ( that sweet, soft voice of God) who when we listen & take heed to can make the difference between a delight & a disaster(smile).
      Love you dearly & thank you so much for your words of wisdom, & the sharing of your life’s experiences

      • Mary Chever-Watson

        Precious, thank you so much for your comment and for your insight. God is indeed good all the time. Your words and your life attest to that. Love you much.

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