Come Away for A While

“Then Jesus said, ‘Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile…’ ”

Mark 6:31 (NLT)


I have been in a fog for a while. I wanted to get away from everything, the news, the pandemic, the sadness, the deaths.  I wanted to clear my head; find my joy, my peace, again. So, for the past few months, I have been rooted in my favorite chair on the front porch. Most days, I sit down around 11:00 am with a mind to read my devotionals, pray, meditate. I always have a list of “to do’s” I want to tackle after my readings. Well, 2:00 pm rolls around and I am still sitting in that same spot. Meditation, prayer, long over.  “What is wrong with me?”, I ponder.  I’m in pain, but I don’t feel a physical hurt. It is something deeper, something I cannot put my finger on. I feel down, but I cannot pinpoint where these low spirits are coming from.  All I know is I need a strong dose of energy and power to fill my entire body. I need a soothing touch to cool my throbbing head and a powerful hand to heal my mind, body, and spirit. I need a fresh dose of something to give me the strength, motivation, focus to do what needs to be done. To move; just get up, put one foot in front of the other. To move, in spite of  illnesses, deaths and challenges.  A few days ago, I was finally able to do this; I moved!  Then, it dawned on me what happened. Those months of sitting allowed God to fill me up.

During this time, I seldom checked my emails, did not check Facebook. Did it help? I believe so. Getting away from the busyness kept me in a calm place.  Those hours sitting in my chair allowed God to give me the soothing touch, the peace I craved. I didn’t even realize what was happening.  Is it over? I am claiming it is. But, if it returns, I will not be afraid. I will get quiet.  It may be uncomfortable. In time, it will pass. I am learning once again to stop leaning on my own understanding. I need to lean on God.

If I feel weary tomorrow, next week or next month, I can come away again.  My joy, peace, enthusiasm will return. If He did it one time or a hundred times, He will do it again.  I hold onto God’s promises.


Heavenly Father, dealing with Covid-19, politics, racial unrest, sickness, deaths is challenging. As soon as I think things are settling down, I get news of another illness, another death, media craziness; mind-boggling.  So many things I do not understand. But I do what I can,  then wait and allow You to do things in Your time, in Your  way.  God, give me patience, wisdom, trust to say again and again, “You alone are in control.  With You,  all things work out for good.  I may not see it at the moment, but I pray in time I will.”  Thank You God!! Amen, Amen, Amen.



  • Donna Bonnell


    I’ve missed you, but had a deep feeling that you were sitting on your front porch. Well, I wasn’t sure if it was actually in that very spot. Though, I knew you were ok and meditating.

    I have taken breaks from the news and social media from time to time because the negativity hurts my soul. I’m glad today wasn’t one of those mini-breaks because your name appeared on my Facebook feed. What a joy! My entire being was smiling. Today is a good day. Embrace it!

    Love you my forever friend.


    • Mary Chever-Watson

      Donna, you know me well. It warms my heart knowing we are so connected. And, today indeed was a good day. Embrace it, I did. Love you too, my forever friend.

    • Brother Fred Noble

      Sister it sounds to be that you made the best decision one can make, to get away from the world situations and put your mind on JESUS Christ and renew your mind and let old pass a way .We have to take time and meditate on God. I lost my self in grief and sorrow to a point of depression which I already suffers from. Along with anxiety. Losing Billy, a friend that I went to dialysis with for five and a half years that I was close too ,and Mary Ann all within ten day period .Mary thank you sister for this God lead Blog that gave me a new perspective to let go and let God .CRYING MAY ENDURE FOR A NIGHT BUT JOY COMES IN THE MORNING .THANK YOU.

      • Mary Chever-Watson

        Fred, you are very welcome. Plus, your words are so inspiring and true. Yes, crying endures for a while but, we can find hope knowing that joy will come. Love you, my brother!!

  • Arie Chever McBride

    Thank you. I can so relate to everything in your message.Dealing with the virus,racial unrest,illnesses,politics and deaths are all so very Challenging. I have been sitting in my gazebo just looking at the trees,sky and water,telling myself to be still,this too shall pass.Brother Fred is soo right crying endures for awhile yet Joy comes in the morning..
    My beautiful sister,I love you so very much.I often hear your voice telling me,”Everything is going to be okay,”and I know it will,All in God’s Time. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful message.Peace.

    • Mary Chever-Watson

      Arie, you are so very welcome; thank you for your beautiful words. I can see you now, sitting in your gazebo looking out at the gorgeous Bay of Fundy. You are so right this too shall pass and like our brother, Fred, says, joy does come in the morning. Everything will be alright. Much peace and love to you, my dear sister.

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