Come and Sit


“…Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile…”

Mark 6:31 (NLT)

Although retired, I always have things to do; decluttering, cooking, paying bills, running errands, keeping appointments…. Recently, I had just gone over my “To Do” list for the day; online church, wash a load of clothes, bake pumpkin blueberry muffins and boil eggs for the upcoming week’s breakfasts, write blog, make salad for dinner.  As I leave the pole barn armed with salad fixings (we have an outside refrigerator), I hear, “Put that up, come back and sit with me so we can talk.” I stop, look back.  Larry, my husband,  is sitting on his riding mower, patting the seat beside him.  My first reaction was “I just figured out my “to do” list and all I’ve crossed off is ‘online church.’ How can I get everything done?”


In spite of these thoughts, I find myself slow down and listen to my inner voice, God, Who says “focus not time.” The word Focus was placed on my heart in 2018.  I came up with a mnemonic to give it personal meaning:

 Faith, Organization, Christ, Understanding, Strength.

So, I go in, put the salad fixings in the ‘fridge, go back outside and sit beside Larry on the lawn mower. We sit together, gazing at the swaying trees, the blue sky, I look at Larry and ask, “What did you want to talk about?” He looks at me, looks away and says, “I forgot. But this is such a beautiful day; listen to the birds. Aren’t we blessed?”  I say, “Yes, we are.” Then we sit in silence, periodically glancing at each other, for the next hour and a half, not saying a word, simply resting in the beauty surrounding us.

God thank You for giving me the ability to stop, listen and follow Your guidance.


After almost two hours of sitting, finally feeling full to the brim with love, peace and gratitude, I went for my evening walk.

Beauty and simplicity graced this day. Plus, I completed everything on my list. From watching “online church” to boiling eggs, making salad, baking muffins, and even making a lemon meringue pie for Larry’s birthday.

By being “on focus” not “on time” I accomplished more than originally planned. Slowing down, forgetting time, allowed me to experience…Love, peace, gratitude.

Later that night, looking at television, Larry remembered what he wanted to talk to me about; a faithful blessing from God!


Dear God, thank You for showing me what is more important; doing things versus spending time with those I love. Help me discern the difference between “focus” and “time.”  As I follow Your guidance, my blessings overflow with more time, love, peace, gratitude. Amazing!!!



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