About Mary E. Chever-Watson


Hello, my name is Mary E. Chever-Watson and I am a retired middle school teacher with a passion for aging with grace, love and zeal.  I live in North Central Florida with my husband, daughter, a dog, Rise and two cats, Breeze and Storm.  I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL, lived in Baltimore, Md for fifteen years, returned to St. Petersburg, FL had a beautiful daughter and got married.  After the agonizing death of my 43 year old younger brother, Bobby,  I desperately needed a change. I needed to get away from the traffic, the noise and the heartache. Thankfully, my husband agreed.  So, my daughter and I relocated to a small town in North Central Florida to live with my parents while my husband remained in St. Petersburg, FL.  The plan was for him to work a year so that we could save up, sell our house and then he would join us.  Meanwhile, I would look for a job.

Fast forward to today, 21 years later.  Relocating was the best decision we ever made. It was also the most challenging.  During the interim we have experienced heartache, financial challenges, health scares and adjusting to becoming senior citizens; life.  But we have also seen the majesty of God’s love active in our lives.

 This is what this blog is about.  Sharing life’s challenges and life’s triumphs. Sharing how we have gone from struggling to thriving while transitioning into our golden years.

I also share words of wisdom learned from my mom, Essie Mae Brown Chever as well as recipes, affirmations and stories of events from the past that make me smile and reflect on the goodness of God.

I hope you will join me daily as I share some life experiences that have molded me and guided me into what I believe is aging with grace, love and zeal.

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