I’ve Been Thinking

When it comes to people, I find that …..

It’s not about what we see.  Often, it’s more about what we don’t see. 

It’s not about what is said.  Often, it’s more about what is not said. 

It’s not about what we hear.  Often, it’s more about what we don’t hear. 

Sounds simplistic.

But, this is where relentless faith steps in…it’s about believing the best about others regardless of what we see, what we hear or what we thought we heard.  It’s seeing the good even when it seems as if  we are witnessing the not so good. 

When we meet others where they are and view them through eyes of love and acceptance, good is what we experience. Blessings are what we receive.

This is how I try to live. Easy? Not always! Best for overall health, peace, and a sound mind? I believe so!

God,  thank You for helping me look beyond outer appearances, beyond words, beyond silence to see beauty in people. 


  • Alice Chever-Pickett

    Mary, so true! I liken relentless faith to an earlier blog about unveiling the layers and knowing everyone we meet may be fighting some type of battle. Empathy is the key and relentless faith is absolutely the best for peace of mind. Thank you so very much Mary, for putting in such eloquent words, what I feel in my heart. As always, Much Love and Many Blessing!!!

  • Precious Colclough

    Hi Mary, I know that God leads us to where we need to go & let’s us see what we need to see. As I took the time to look on your website today, I immediately saw “Relentless Faith”. A young lady I know texted me yesterday & is going through something where she definitely needs God to show up & reveal the truth. We’ve been praying & praising God for what he’s doing. Not only has this situation been on the news several times but I just found out that it’s also on the internet. God has not called me to judge but to pray & to always believe the best. When I read this on your website this morning, I was blown away with how God confirms what he speaks to us through other means. I know he wants me to always think the best & not to look or listen to anything that will cause me to lose faith. Blessings to you for how you allow him to use you to bless & encourage others!
    Love you!

    • Mary Chever-Watson

      Precious and Alice, I feel so blessed to be a blessing to others. I am deeply humbled and grateful. God is so good all the time. Thank you so much.

    • Donna Bonnell

      What a perfect message to read at the end of a day. Praying for more people to feel the love and see the light you share. 🙏🏼❤️

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